Halifax Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Gail Lonergan - Owner/Operator

Animals are and always have been my passion, so living my dream of working with animals in several capacities is very rewarding and fulfilling. "My" breed has been  German Shepherds since I was a child so always have at least one along with a rescue mix. 

I started my own dog walking business 11 years ago to realise my dream. I have over 30 years of experience in animal care, including my own family of dogs, cats, horses, birds and a rat, plus those I have cared for within my profession. I have attended various seminars and workshops on Canine Behaviour presented by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council and the SPCA. .

In the past I have boarded horses at my own hobby farm. I have 29 years of horse riding/handling experience and have taken care of as many as 16 at one time. I also provided a foster home for shelter cats for many years. I recently was a part time animal care technician at a local animal shelter for 10 years. As well as the standard feeding, cleaning etc I was responsible for the administration of vaccinations, medications, force feedings, subcutaneous fluid therapy and performed Feline Leukemia Virus/FIV testing. I was trained to recognize signs of illness and alert the veterinarian so medical problems could be promptly addressed.  My shelter experience has provided me with extensive knowledge of dog behaviour and how to read their actions, a necessity when caring for a group of dogs. Another of my passions at the shelter was catering to the needs of the ill Isolation cats.