Halifax Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Dog Walking

I offer small group outings or the occasional individual dog walk.  We walk in your neighbourhood or nearby parks.  Working with shelter dogs has given me vast experience with dogs who display "not perfect" behaviour and I'm comfortable working in such a situation for individual walks. Although most of my walks are group walks I may be able to accommodate puppy and senior dogs who just require a pee break or perhaps a short walk around the block.

All dogs need regular exercise to contribute to a healthy and happy life; the amount and type of exercise can depend on breed, age and health condition. Exercise is an important factor in maintaining a healthy body weight, helping to keep muscles and joints at their optimum performance. Regular exercise can also help reduce the risk of medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

Regular daily walks help the home-alone canine companion burn off excess energy, helping to reduce unwanted behaviours that arise due to boredom and pent up energy. Daily walking will also provide much needed companionship, both human and other canines while you are absent from the home.