Halifax Dog Walking and Pet Sitting


"Thanks for looking after Oscar. He appreciates your visits. He seems to have lost most of his toys, so thankyou for bringing a new one ......................

Thankyou for looking after Oscar so often. I relax about leaving him knowing that you are taking care of him.....................

Thanks for taking such good care of Oscar. I hope I can find someone like you to catsit in Montreal!"

Rachel S.

Brisko & Baylee

We will forever be thankful for how much Gail helped us with our beloved Brisko. During the 14 months he lived in congestive heart failure Gail was there. Each day while we were working she visited both our dogs, Brisko and Baylee, for pee breaks. She would give us written and verbal updates and spend time encouraging Brisko to eat a variety of prepared foods. During that time she was 100% reliable, trustworthy and showed both our "kids" the compassion and respect that we know she holds for all animals. The peace of mind having Gail there for our kids when we couldn't be is priceless and we will never forget what a blessing she has been to our lives and continues to be. Our pups will forever love her.

Greg and Jenny Kendrick


Jobi loved his walks with Gail. He even knew the sound of her truck. He was in his older years so there were days when his arthritis would act up and it was best to rest instead of a walk. We still had Gail come for his pee break in the backyard though. On those days he would still stand at the front door insisting on going for the walk! We will always be thankful to Gail for adding more joy to Jobi's life. She's the best dog walker a dog could ask for!

J. Quinn


Pudge & Wednesday

I'm delighted to have the chance to thank you for all you've done for my cats ( and will continue to do). Pudge is a very timid cat who requires a lot of medication, and it's positively magical that you can administer it without any problem. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be able to leave town without a great deal of anxiety.


My doggie Lucy just passed away.  Gail walked/visited Lucy once a day for the last six months and during that time Lucy's health was never good.  Gail consistently went above-and-beyond the call of duty in terms of caring for Lucy.  She was kind and compassionate and always flexible and adaptable to Lucy's ever-changing needs. Towards the end, Gail and I "checked in" by phone almost every morning to discuss what was going on for Lucy and how best to meet her needs that day. Out of the kindness of her heart, Gail shared her immense knowledge of dogs and dog health with me throughout these final weeks, which was very helpful for me.   During the last month of Lucy's life, Gail felt like a partner with me in terms of caring for Lucy and making sure her final weeks and days were as good as they could be.  I do not hesitate to give Gail the highest recommendation as someone who might walk/look after or otherwise care for your animal.  She loves animals deeply and understands them and commits herself to their well-being:  this sets her apart from other dog walkers.  She is also completely reliable and dependable.  She never missed a day.  I wish Gail all the best for an expanding and vibrant business.  The animal world is better off because of her."

Susan M.


We want to express how very appreciative we are of the excellent care Gail gives to our cats - Fritz, Willi, Monkey and Lilabit - when we are away. It is just so great to know our cats are in excellent hands having all their needs taken care of and it's just a worry free time for us.

Frit, our senior cat, has medical problems that require pills and medication twice a day. As Fritz was the first cat with diabetes that Gail looked after, she was diligent in researching all she could about diabetic cats and their care. To us this is a mark of the dedication and care that Gail gives to all the family pets she looks after.

We especially get a few laughs from the little notes Gail jots down when she cares for our cats. Sometimes it's about the cats eating habits, small "accidents" or their behaviour - either behaving or misbehaving. It's just comforting to know that Gail will continue to provide the same great care to our "kids with fur and four paws" during our future ravels.

Lois and Dwaye Rauw